Monday, 28 May 2012

Everything's Made To Be Broken

I bought this new top from eBay for mere pennies. It's so cute and I love the box shape of it. The back buttons are super fiddly but WHO CARES WHEN IT'S THIS NICE.

I wore it with charity shop shorts that I cut off myself. I bought these about two years ago but never wore them because they were knee length and looked pretty gross but last week I had the GENIUS idea to cut them short! I think I should probably copyright the idea of cutting things into shorts because it's so original and I don't know anyone else that does it.

 Top: eBay
Shorts: Charity Shop 
Shoes: Underground Creepers

These are new make ups I got for myself. Well, the MAC lipstick isn't new at all, I've already worn it on here before. The Max Factor lipstick is such a nice colour ('Mulberry'), but it's shiny nooooooo. That's why I've got the MAC Film Noir one there, because a little bit of it on top of the shiny yucky one makes it a wonderful, glorious UN-shiny plum colour! Both nail varnishes are Barry M ('Blueberry' & 'Mint Green'), and both are super summery colours. Fab.

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