Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Don't let it form us.

I'm feeling good today. Apparently it's the hottest day of the year so far today, and it's absolutely glorious. I've spent the day knitting and painting and painting on my knitting. 

I got these tights from and aren't they just fab! I feel really cool when I wear them, especially with my Jeffrey Campbell Back Offs. This is their first appearance with me wearing them on my blog!

I'm also wearing a Dahlia dress I bought about two years ago.

This morning I set up a WhatIWear account. So like me or hype me or wow me or love me or whatever you do on this one.

I also got a new Twitter. I really don't understand this site at all so any help would be greatly appreciated! Follow me please because I only have one friend on it. And I'll follow you back too!

(okay, needy popularity pleas over now)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Jelly Shoes and Strawberry Nails

This is what I wore to see my granny for her 92nd birthday. We went to Charmouth and found fossils and drank tea and looked at the sea and she tried to use a digital camera but she couldn't do it so we all laughed at her.

I wore the new jelly shoes I got from Topshop on a recent visit to London. I forgot just how wonderful these shoes were! They sparkle just the same as I remember them and the label said they're made with the same moulds as they were in the 80s. How wonderfully wonderful. Everything else I'm wearing is from charity shops.

Whilst trying to avoid college work today, I managed to paint my nails like strawberries. It's super easy (just search 'strawberry nails' into Google and it'll come up with numerous guides on how to do it (but only if you want to know, I'm not forcing anyone)) It's just a shame my nails are all short and different lengths. No matter how hard I try I always end up nibbling on them.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


I made quesadillas for my lunch.

First time I've ever cooked by myself (yes I know I'm 18 years old but my mum spoils me okay)

Monday, 5 March 2012


I saw a few posts on the Internet about hair chalking so decided to give it a go. I wasn't expecting to get very good results because of my dark hair and previous attempts to put colour in it. But surprisingly the colour came out ace!

Here's how to:
  1. Get some oil pastels (I used WHSmiths Soft Pastels - they've got a chalk-like texture to them), a cup of water, a paper towel, a set of curling tongs/straighteners and hairspray.
  2. Dip the strand of hair you want coloured into water and pat with the paper towel so it's damp (you might find it easier to use a water spray but I haven't got one of those).
  3. Place the strand of hair onto a paper towel and colour it in with your chosen pastel. Always colour downwards with the pastel to keep from damaging your hair.
  4. Use a straightener/curling tong to set in the colour. I've read on line that curling tongs work best, but I don't own one of those and straightening seemed fine.
  5. Hairspray the ends, brush your hair, and you're ready to go!
  6. Just don't go out in to rain/touch it too much or the colour will come out.
Happy chalking!