Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Over there

I've been knitting furiously for the past month, and it was all for last week's college fashion show. Stupidly, I decided to make five garments. This meant very little sleep and bleeding friction burns on my fingers.

Having taken three weeks off at the beginning of make time due to my operation, I genuinely thought I'd get three, maybe four, outfits ready for the show. But I worked my big butt off and managed five! (In this photo I'm wearing my sleeve the wrong way round. oops.) I was surprised to win best collection at the prize giving afterwards and super happy with the Topshop voucher I got!

On a slightly different topic, this evening I dyed my hair pink yeyyyy. It's gone very pink on the ends and kind of peachy colour in the middle. Obviously my roots are still black like ALWAYS. Here's a cute Instagram pic of me thinking I'm good at photography because I can put cheap edits on my iPad photos. (My name on it is horriblelauren if you wanna follow lol)

Nice cartoon lips Lauren.

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