Monday, 21 May 2012

Start over.

I've been neglecting this blog recently and for that I am extremely apologetic. Life seems to have got in the way of things lately and I simply have forgotten about this little space. Last weekend I was taken to hospital with appendicitis and this week has been recovery/trying not to get too far behind on college work. My body seemed to have got timings wrong on this one and I've missed the first week of Final Collection preparations. You would not believe how painful knitting has been for me this week after my operation. But things should be back on track soon, I'll just have to work harder than I would've done.

Other than my hospitalisation, nothing else of major importance has happened to me. I made this cake for a friend's birthday which is probably the most ace thing I've ever done/seen. It tasted real good too, with chocolate chips in the sponge and chocolate spread between layers. I must admit the white icing was ready-rolled, but I made the ducks myself.

Old Queenie came to my home town last month with was the most exciting thing ever to have happened to me ever. Unfortunately the press set up their cameras and step ladders right in front of us so the view wasn't very good. But luckily tall friend was on hand and he managed to snap this beaut of a photo.

I'll try to get back to outfit posting this month. I haven't been feeling very inspired by clothes recently, and that paired with a complete lack of money equals me not dressing so good. But I'm feeling more positive about things now so I should be able to get the fashion side of this blog up and running again. Peace out.

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