Thursday, 9 August 2012


Sorry guys, I've been awfully awful at running this blog. Mainly because I haven't got my own computer and iPad can't do anything cos they're shit.

This is an outfit from ages ago I found on my computer:

Everything's vintage apart from the Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

Since this photo, my hair's changed colour:

I used Stargazer in Royal Blue on top of my orange hair and the colour went green fading to blue at the bottom! I feel like a real life mermaid yeyyy

I also bought this ace tie-dye t-shirt from the vintage shop in town:

Any ideas on how I can style this bad boy? It's proving to be rather difficult...

Sorry for the bad quality photos, they were taken on iPad and iPad really doesn't have the best cameras. God I hate iPads. No-one ever get one please. Mine's ruined my life.

I've got some more outfit ideas to post soon (when I decide to be less lazy) so stay tuned kids!

I'll leave you with this beaut

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